Skyglass’s design concept is rooted in an idea that the tower operates at two scales and with two expressions. It responds to the streetscape on a human scale, while connecting with a larger, more distant context, including Elliot Bay, the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, and South Lake Union.


222 Dexter Ave N. Seattle, WA


High-Rise, Mixed-Use Residential


Gemdale USA Corporation


Under Construction


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

the tower

Like its undulating and constantly changing form, the cladding of the tower is not static. Wrapped in partially reflective glass, the facades are ephemeral and unlimited expressions as they reflect and move along with the sun and clouds across the sky. The vision glass, blended with two types of spandrel glass, creates a textural quality that unifies the facades.

The Podium

The podium is thought of as an anchor to the block’s corner, providing stability between the undulating tower above and accommodating a diverse streetscape below. Its materials are more tactile and accommodate the street-level, human scale.

“So frequently we ask for clear concepts and consistent execution and that happened here. Every decision was well thought through and tied back to the over-arching concept. The concept was stated once and then many times.”

– Stephen Porter, SLU Design Review Board