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the studio


Founded in 1975, HEWITT Architecture is led today by Director of Design Julia Nagele and Director of Practice Sean Ludviksen. The studio is a collective of creators and thinkers who are driven by curiosity and rigor.

Principal, director of design

julia nagele

As the leader of architectural design at HEWITT, Julia believes the success of today’s projects rely on the expertise of many. She is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that promotes participation from a broad range of diverse thinkers. Julia helps enforce these values at HEWITT, as the team strives to address complex urban conditions in a straightforward and elegant manner. Her experience as an Assistant Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington reinforces her professional practice by guiding team projects as an editor and forming strategies for successful outcomes. She believes the art and science of making architecture, navigating agencies and understanding complex client organizations requires her to connect the dots at the right time for the right people. In doing so, the most opportunity and value for a client’s project will be realized.

“Aside from Jeanne Gang of Chicago, there are few women who lead the design of skyscrapers, but Seattle has one: Julia Nagele.” – Puget Sound Business Journal

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Aspire Design & Home, Dwell, Seattle MetDaily Journal of Commerce, and the Puget Sound Business Journal.


our mission

be smart. be creative. be principled.

HEWITT is driven in the pursuit of inspired design that deepens the urban experience. Our work endeavors to evoke strong, positive and emotional responses within the complexities of urban life.



complex, urban projects

We excel at drawing inspiration from the historical, cultural and natural context, creating structures that both complement and enhance their surroundings. We focus our collective expertise on a variety of project types and sizes, ranging from skyscrapers to small-scale retail and mixed-use projects.


Our design methodology starts with embracing a classic design studio format. We organize ourselves to facilitate an open, collaborative environment which allows for a variety of creations, challenges and reflections on our work. We are rigorously iterative and analytical in our design process from the employment of time-tested means such as drawing, sketching and model building, to the use of current software and technologies that assist in our execution of meaningful work.