Lakewood Station



Lakewood, WA


Commuter Rail Station


Sound Transit




about the project

The Lakewood Station serves to connect commuters and communities in the Puget Sound region. In the City of Lakewood, Sound Transit developed a multi-modal transit center to serve bus lines from three transit agencies – Sound Transit, Pierce County Transit, and King County Metro – as well as the Sounder commuter train. HEWITT worked with these agencies to develop a station that would bridge the City of Lakewood to Seattle and beyond.

Ease, space, and safety are key parts to ridership. Hence, design of the station, its nearby 629-car parking structure, and open space plaza has a two-fold purpose: to provide improvement and connectivity to the area. The station includes public art commissioned by Sound Transit, Transpire, a cast bronze sculpture by Mark Calderon that represents a campfire through intertwined spires.