Archetype belltown

The site combines a primarily residential building with a publicly accessible, low-threshold urban environment where both tenants and the local population can mix, gather for events, or simply walk though as part of their daily trajectory in the neighborhood. A residential project supported by and linked into an active 24/7 urban community.


2407 1st Ave Seattle, WA


Mixed-Use Residential, Mixed-Use Commercial


Burrard Properties




Herzog & de Meuron Architects


HEWITT Architecture


Burrard Properties selected HEWITT to partner with world-renowned Herzog & de Meuron Architects based in Basel, Switzerland. Herzog & de Meuron has demonstrated a particular aptitude for respecting historical context while transforming it into something new. As design consultants, Herzog & de Meuron provide wide-ranging global experience and expertise. HEWITT Architecture, the Executive Architect of the project, brings direct and intimate knowledge of the City and the neighborhood’s urban conditions as well as expertise with technical and regulatory processes required for the project. Additionally, we add our design rigor to champion good design.


Archetype Belltown is a mixed-use residential and commercial project located at 2407 1st Avenue in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. Envisioned by Burrard Properties, Archetype Belltown proposes an “an urban living concept focused on supporting healthier city life through wellness, convenience and connection. The project seeks to enrich quality of life for its future residents and create value for the surrounding community through world-class design. As a new and forward-thinking residential product type, and the integration of public-facing features and amenities that support economic vitality, social interaction, and cultural engagement.”


The site is situated between two historic landmark structures on 1st Avenue. The 11-story structure is a mid-block, in-fill project that seeks to complete the block with a consistent street front.


Opposite the street and facing southwest, the project is arranged on the square-shaped site as a “C-shape.” This creates a courtyard surrounded by units that step back from the alley and provide views of Elliot Bay and beyond.


Archetype Belltown engages the public realm in several ways. First, the street front is proposed as a transparent and active edge lined with retail uses. Punctuating the street edge is an opening or “laneway” providing views and access into and through the site, connecting residents to a main entry adjacent to an open ended, elevated court. Second, the alley and its location relative to the northernmost extent of Seattle’s Waterfront park planning is slated to also have active uses and connect through the site to 1st Avenue via the laneway. Finally, the rooftop terrace and interior spaces are intended to serve both residents and public patrons…a place to enjoy skyline views and the powerful natural landscape that surrounds Seattle.

L01 Floor Plan


The design team is pursuing a low threshold, public, urban, ground-level experience. The idea is to connect the 1st Avenue level and the alley with a commercially and culturally active “laneway.” There is potential within this scheme to activate the alley with programs and uses which bring people from 1st Avenue.

L03 - L09 Floor Plan

C-Shape courtyard

The building responds to the alley by stepping back and framing an open and generous garden with two slender wings along the party walls. On the ground floor, this green garden is accessible to the public from both the alley and 1st Avenue. A continuous connection through the building adds active programming at alley level and connects the alley with 1st Avenue. The “laneway” connection between 1st Avenue and the alley is open and receives an abundance of natural light.

  • Hewitt

    Courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron Architects