heritage square park

The City of Walla Walla worked with HEWITT to develop a new concept for Heritage Square Park, transforming an underused downtown park into an accessible, multifunctional urban plaza that would accommodate year-round programming and civic celebrations.


Walla Walla, WA


Civic Space


City of Walla Walla


Graham Baba Architects


0.5 Acre

Providing a strong connection to Mill Creek, the park aspires to be a place visitors and the community go out of their way to walk through. Heritage Square Park would serve as a welcoming centerpiece that would create a lasting, positive impact to the downtown area and furthermore aspires to plant the seeds for improvements that spread beyond the site – Mill Creek Walk, water management showcase, street tree system improvements.

Placemaking Recipe

  • Expand the physical park beyond the small street frontage the community currently imagines as ‘the park.’
  • Relocate parking offsite and open connections to the creek and adjacent retail.
  • Create a central gathering space, visible from all street frontages.
  • Entice the community to linger with an interactive water feature, an open lawn and a covered stage.
  • Unify the park, referencing forms and patterns apparent in the local pivot irrigation systems and soft mounded landforms of the Palouse.
  • Activate the edges providing locations where adjacent retail can spill out.
  • Overlay a canopy of trees to balance clear views in and through the site with a little mystery, while adding green relief.
Technology spotlight

A Concept in Motion

To communicate design ideas with the community, HEWITT modeled the park concept in Lumion, a 3D visualization software. The flythrough below was a valuable tool in helping the residents visualize the proposed ideas and gain a better understanding of the spatial qualities of Heritage Park.