The leeann

A large, landscaped central courtyard, with its broad connection to the street entry, helps articulate the building façade and welcome views into the activity hub of this mixed-use residential project in the Uptown neighborhood.


Seattle, WA


Urban Housing


F + M Development


HEWITT Architecture


0.5 block

ABOUT the project

A large multi-level central courtyard organizes the site plan for this mixed-use residential project. The courtyard originates at a street level entry space that flows under overhead pedestrian bridges connecting multiple floors above. The inner courtyard beyond, buried into the steep sloping site, is the visual back yard of the project, sun lit with terraces of trees and landscaping, it gathers rainwater, provides multiple seating options, and creates a richly layered composition when viewed from upper level units and corridors.

The roof terrace is L shaped, with its east facing ‘room’ being serene and cloistered by interior common spaces. The primary space opens widely to the south and presents a majestic view of the Space Needle. A central raised wood terrace with fire bowl and lounge seating is surrounded by lower side spaces, an outdoor kitchen, and direct connection to the main community room that spills out onto the roof terrace.