Southeast REDMOND station

Extension of light rail service from East Link’s temporary terminus at the Redmond Technology station to downtown Redmond along four miles of track allows Eastside residents and businesses to connect to Bellevue and Seattle.


17520 NE 70th St
Redmond, WA


Light Rail Station


Sound Transit


Final Design
Estimated Opening 2024



Patrons approaching Southeast Redmond Station are greeted by the welcoming plaza, that provides necessary public space between the station and future transit-oriented development while emphasizing the identity of the station. New connection trails between Marymoor Park and Bear Creek Trail help to fully integrate the station into the community and ensure easy access for pedestrians and bicyclists.


Stakeholder design charrettes lead to prioritizing design program elements that became the foundation to an efficient station, transit center, and garage layout. The efficient footprint of the station allows for a significant portion of the site to be used for transit-oriented development. Specifically located between the highway and future transit oriented development, the parking garage acts as a buffer to mitigate traffic noise, become a visual barrier to Interstate 520, and help achieve a more pleasant pedestrian experience in the neighborhood. The trainway itself passes under the garage. This reduces patron travel distance for those arriving to the station by bus and by car, aiding in making transit a more attractive option for the neighborhood.


The station design focuses on providing a comfortable and safe experience for patrons. Pedestrian safety is emphasized by providing an option for grade-separated access from the parking garage to the station platform. Ample weather protection has been provided for patrons waiting for buses and paratransit, and the station is designed to maximize views to the adjacent Marymoor Park for patrons awaiting the arrival of their train.