Redmond Technology station



3925 156th Ave NE, Redmond, WA


Light Rail Station


Sound Transit


Design Build, Under Construction
Estimated Completion: Parking Garage 2021, Station 2023


The Redmond Technology light rail station serves as a temporary terminus station to Sound Transit’s extension of light rail service east from the City of Seattle to Redmond. The station is surrounded on all sides by Microsoft campuses, prioritizing quick and safe station access for patrons. Benefit for the station and the surrounding community was found by locating the parking garage and ancillary spaces above the bus transit center and Microsoft shuttle program. This innovation returned open space for future transit oriented development at the south end of the site; increased weather protection in shuttle and bus transit areas for patrons, and provided the option to add a grade-separated station entry to enhance pedestrian safety. An entrance from the north side of the station platform was added to facilitate access from employment centers to the north.

WELCOMING experience

The underside of the parking garage is painted white, reflecting light and creating a clean backdrop for the sculpture art by local Seattle artist Kate Sweeney. The artwork, named after the algorithm, Apollonian Gasket is a nod to the surrounding technology community and enhances the ceiling with a colorful and engaging patron experience. At the station’s north entrance plaza, local Seattle artist Dan Webb is creating a sculpture, cut from a large Cascade granite boulder. HEWITT also prepared a conceptual design for a pedestrian bridge spanning approximately 1,200 feet over S.R. 520 to provide a seamless connection from the station to the technology campus. The concept created a functional yet pleasant space to recharge and connect with nature while providing dedicated paths of travel for pedestrians and bicyclists.