Welcome to HEWITT’s new website.

Three studios, three disciplines, one HEWITT.

Our goal in redesigning HEWITT’s virtual presence was to highlight our shared passion for improving the way cities move and people live, while giving our three studios – Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Transportation Architecture – the ability to showcase distinct points of view and expertise. We wanted a site that opens a window to how we think, analyze and design within the built environment.

With our partner DEI Creative, we came up with the concept of inverting the typical project page layout by leading with diagrams and models. By sharing the journeys our projects take, we show visitors how we address design issues throughout the process and do our best work in complex urban conditions.

As you’ll see, each studio has its own “microsite,” where you can dive deeper into the stories behind our projects and meet our team. Speaking of, we asked some of the people who worked on the site what they are most excited about:

  • Maddie (Architecture): “The GIFs and videos animate the central narrative of our projects. Check out the GIF showing how light and air travels through the Luna Apartment‘s corridors and the Gridiron video exploring how we honored the past of a historic building and neighborhood while designing for the future.”
  • Nancy (Landscape): “By including process diagrams, we can share many more of the driving forces behind the design of a project. For example, our diagram for 8th and Republican illustrates our layered approach to maximize the site’s potential. Each gesture was thoughtfully designed to serve multiple benefits.”
  • Emily (Transportation): “Our studio contributes to the creation of transportation infrastructure that connects communities and provides equitable, sustainable, mobility options. We have used storytelling to highlight our passion for this work, and provided an interactive transit map to navigate our wide range of projects.”

Thank you to our clients for giving HEWITT incredible opportunities to help shape the fabric of our cities. And thank you for taking the time to get to know us. If you’d like to talk about working together or if you’re interested in joining our team, please get in touch.