gridiron condos

Gridiron represents the best of Seattle’s past, present and future. We maintained the character of the original triangular-shaped, 1903 Johnson Plumbing Supply Building, while providing all the modern amenities that can be found in a skyscraper. With its prime location next to the stadium, the Gridiron is ideally situated to be a part of the future and take advantage of the redevelopment plan for the waterfront.


589 Occidental Ave S Seattle, WA


Adaptive Reuse Condos


Daniels Real Estate


Completed 2018


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Johnson plumbing supply building

Gridiron is fixed to Seattle’s past with its location in the Pioneer Square-Skid Road Historic District and containment within the triangular-shaped, 1903 Johnson Plumbing Supply Building. The original building predates the 1909 Victorian Pergola, an iconic element of Pioneer Place Park.

buildings inside buildings

In addition to being at the intersection of downtown, Pioneer Square and the developing waterfront, Gridiron possesses a curious technical relationship. The historic plumbing supply warehouse is coupled with a completely new construction type and method within. We nickname these kinds of structures ‘Buildings Inside Buildings,’ like a Russian nesting doll.

“I have spent years focusing on the revitalization of Pioneer Square and I wanted Gridiron to be the apex of that work.”

– Kevin Daniels, Daniels Real Estate