8th & Republican

Located in the South Lake Union neighborhood, this mixed-use development maximizes the site’s potential for housing, retail, and a quality public realm by providing 211 residential units, a showroom for a local camera retailer, a neighborhood cafe, and a pedestrian-oriented streetscape with a public plaza. The layered integration of residential stoops, elevated decking, raingardens and water feature enlarge the civic contribution to public space and give the residential neighborhood a shared community “stoop.”


Seattle, WA


Urban Housing


The Wolff Company


Miller Hull + Runberg Architecture


0.5 block

Over the course of the twenty-first century, the Seattle neighborhood, South Lake Union, has faced exceptional growth by adding thousands of new housing and jobs focused in the biotechnology, health, and information technology sectors. This emerging neighborhood has become a dense mixed-use area whose growth was shaped by public and private investments and city planning policies. The Wolff Company, Miller Hull, Runberg Architecture Group and HEWITT, worked together to transform a half block parcel that serves the emergent needs of this evolving neighborhood.
A Layered Approach

The streetscape network was identified in neighborhood planning as a focal piece in the creation of a high quality public realm, not only as a set of connectors but as places unto themselves.  Under that guidance, the design maximizes the site’s potential through a layered approach, where each gesture was thoughtfully designed to serve multiple benefits. The central design moves were:

  1. Setting the building back from the street
    • creates a generous open public courtyard
    • maximizes sun exposure
  2. Expanding the softscape
    • create a green oasis amongst a predominately hard, urban context
    • build an onsite stormwater system connecting rooftop to at grade bioretention gardens to collect and slow rainwater
  3. Blending the public and private realm
    • the “mega stoop” – a yellow fiberglass boardwalk over recessed rain gardens that serves as an outdoor area for the residents. The boardwalk links patios of individual units to create a semi-public layer before connecting to the sidewalk.
    • A generous sidewalk parallels the “mega stoop” through a grove of honey locust trees, with small seating areas carved out along its length.
    • Ground floor retail is perched slightly above the entry plaza to provide activation of the space while clearly delineating uses.
    • An interactive water feature welcomes visitors and residents to the lobby.
Sustainability spotlight
A Blue Oasis

The project collects and slows all rainwater on site through a series of connected green roofs and bioretention gardens at the rooftop and at street level. The expansive raingarden along 8th Avenue not only provides a lush public amenity, providing a clear separation between public sidewalk and private patios, but also mitigates the entirety of stormwater falling on the site.