HEWITT Promotes Julia Nagele to Senior Principal


SEATTLE, June 15, 2022 – Seattle-based design firm HEWITT today announced the promotion of Julia Nagele to senior principal. She also serves as dire...

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Designing the urban experience: An architectural tour of Bellevue’s 888 building

The Bellevue Reporter 8/17/21

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Episode #52: Give Yourself Permission to Choose Your Own Path

Layers of Design 3/20/21

Join Layers of Design’s Sketch it out Podcast as they have a conversation with Julia Nagele, principal and the director of design at HEWITT. She...

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A Conversation With Julia Nagele, The Architect Behind Seattle’s Newest Luxury Residential Tower The Emerald

Forbes 3/4/21

In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month and to discuss this exciting tower, Nagele spoke exclusively with Forbes o...

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Episode #42: Leading by Example at the Top of Your Career + Connecting the Dots w/ Julia Nagele

Studio Chats Podcast 3/11/21

What is it like to be a Director of Design, a Principal of an Architecture firm & teaching a studio at a major university? We were so curious too!...

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Episode #358: Leadership Lessons with Julia Nagele

Business of Architecture Podcast 3/3/21

The Business of Architecture podcast continue honoring the women in architecture in today’s interview with architect Julia Nagele. Nagele is making ...

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Episode #11: Seattle Growth Podcast

Seattle Growth Podcast 2/22/21

King County Executive Dow Constantine discusses navigating the pandemic and the future of King County. Julia Nagele, Principal and Director of Design ...

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Episode #47: Design Leadership with Julia Nagele

Design Voice Podcast 1/20/21

In this episode, Julia tells the story of how a chance encounter in Rome led to her moving to Seattle. Julia shares how her career transitioned from a...

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A Seattle Skyscraper’s Rise Helps Shatter a Glass Ceiling

Seattle Met 12/21/20

A new 40-story condo building owes much of its design to Julia Nagele, one of few women in the world to shape such a tall tower. ...

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Fresh pics: a tour of East Link

Sound Transit, The Platform 11/19/20

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RapidRide Shelter Design


ABOUT the project

King County has an intricate web of transportation operations that relies on bus transit to help connect communities to major transit hubs and to each other. A powerful tool in King County Metro’s toolbox is the recent implementation of six bus rapid transit corridors – BRT Lines A-F – that take advantage of transit-only lines to expedite bus operations.

To support King County Metro’s RapidRide initiative, HEWITT designed several prototypical bus shelters with interchangeable alternatives for different stations. Designed for optimal effect across different site conditions, the shelters have common features that help build the RapidRide promise for excellent service, comfort, and ease of use that translates to the entire experience for the commuter—encompassing shelter, waiting areas, signage (including on-street Real Time Signs and smart card readers), and bus exterior and interior details.

Prototype design was based on input from rider focus groups; Metro drivers; the municipalities served by the RapidRide lines; and County facilities staff that assemble and maintain the shelters. Station materials are specified and stocked by King County to minimize costs, installation time and maintenance.