HEWITT is Committed to Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization


We have a sense of responsibility to be part of the change that we seek in our community. As designers who shape built environments, we recognize that we have a duty to ensure anti-racism and inclusivity are woven into our approach toward working and living. To bring our thoughts into action, we have framed an Anti-racism and Inclusion Charter for the office and have enlisted a team of HEWITT staff to develop an approach to implementing the below Guiding Principles of the Charter that is authentic to HEWITT:

  • We believe that Black Lives Matter. Recent events have demonstrated to us that we cannot afford to be silent about systemic racism.
  • We will continually learn and understand what it means to be inclusive and anti-racist and identify what works well for HEWITT.
  • We will partner with external resources to leverage existing knowledge and create training and education for everyone at HEWITT.
  • We recognize the value and integrity of working with diverse people and fostering an environment where diversity can bring strength to the office and our communities.
  • We foster an environment that encourages and respects intellectual dialogue from a variety of experiences and perspectives.

We have signed on to the NOMA Call to Action Pledge and are working towards the Prerequisites and beyond. We have joined the Culture Change in Practice Cohort – a group of local firms brought together by AIA Seattle to collaborate, share resources, and build a community around the Pledge.

This effort cannot wait – and cannot be rushed.

In closing, we would like to share a paragraph from our recent Employee Manual update.

While we foster an environment that encourages and respects intellectual dialogue from a variety of experiences and perspectives, we also want to make it clear that we stand in solidarity against the systemic and institutional racism that affects our city and our nation. We are committed to seeing, listening, and understanding so that we might learn about how we can do better. We know that words and good intentions only go so far, and certainly not far enough, so we plan to evaluate our internal policies and practices and to take steps to eliminate implicit bias. We strive to be a workplace that is a safe space for all our employees. We believe in Black Lives Matter.