Design Review Board Moves 11-Story Apartment Building at 1st Avenue to MUP Application

The Registry 10.13.20

Belltown is known for its rich culture and dense population, a former brick warehouse district turned into a lively and activated area featuring galleries, shops, colleges and small-owned businesses. At the beginning of this week, a project was introduced that will continue to activate the neighborhood and build upon the culture that is already tightly woven into the fabric of Belltown. Hewitt Architects, Inc., Herzog & de Meuron US Inc. and Archetype Belltown LLC proposed a project for an 11-story apartment with retail and a restaurant during an early design guidance meeting to the Downtown Design Review Board. The team hopes to reactivate a block in Belltown wedged between two historic structures by providing residential and urban spaces, as well as retail and programs that will further stimulate the diverse cultural and commercial community. In response, the Board recommended the project move forward to MUP application.